Basic Needs of Human

Basic Needs of Human

- Living things have basic needs.
-The basic needs of humans are:
  food, water, air, shelter
- Humans cannot stay alive without the basic needs.


  • Food gives energy and helps us grow.
  • We need energy to walk, play and do work. 


  1. It makes up about 70% of the weight of the human body.
  2. We need to drink about eight glasses of water a day.
  3. Water can be obtained from fruits and vegetables.
  4. Water helps to maintain body temperature. 

  • Long ago humans live in cave.
  • A shelter is a place where human live.
  • The shelter protects humans from danger, the sun and the rain.
  • Nowadays, humans build many types of shelter.


  • Humans cannot breath in water.
  • Humans need air to breathe all the time.

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